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  • Acro Sport Classes

    What is it? Entertaining classes where children and adults learn to do floor acrobatics, duo and team acro-balance, pyramids and more. Develop your body strength and flexibility in a relaxed, safe and fun environment. Come and learn new acrobatic skills and abilities through creative play and healthy training! The Bali Circ... Read more

  • Circus Classes

    What is it? A fun workshop where you learn how to juggle 3 scarves and beans-bags, spin a plate or a poi, hula hoop, throw a diabolo and much more. A fantastic way to relax, exercise and get creative. Children discover the joy of circus, learning new skills and abilities through creative play! Bali Circus team provide a... Read more

  • Aerial Classes

    What is it? Trapeze, silk and conditioning training for children and adults. What are the benefits? Children and adults develop their coordination, strength, spatial awareness, balance, focus, confidence, concentration, positive self-expression, flexibility, cognitive and motor skills in a fun and relaxed environment. Come... Read more

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