About us

Bali Circus is a group of performers, artists and teachers who have come together to offer their skills and enthusiasm for the positive development of children across the world!

Our commitment to physical, creative and fun education ensures that each child is validated, respected and heard.


Bali Circus Smile and Big Bow

The company directors Made and Ketut both have children, but not together ;o)

They are both committed to children having fun in life and learning in a positive way. When they met Nadia Lala and discovered circus skills, they could not stop smiling, as you can see.


About Nadia

Bali Circus Nadia

Nadia is born in Lyon- France, from an Italian mother and a Tunisian father, so what we call here in Bali: “campur”. She is passionate about dance, movement and art. Since the age of 4, she attended many dance class from ballet, modern jazz, rock & roll, capoeira and belly dance. After her Art degree, she studied Fashion design and worked as a fashion designer for various Uk brands until she discover juggling discovered juggling in her mid 20’s… and slowly juggled fashion with circus art.

  • In 1998, introduced to Circus Arts – juggling, stilt walking & fire dancing.
  • In 2004 created ” The Dancing Circus” a fusion workshop for young people.
  • In 2006, Nadia trained at the Circus Space in London where she learned tumbling, acro-balance and flying trapeze as well as performance.
  • In 2008, Nadia decide to dedicate all her time to circus and children teaching circus skills in hundreds of school all around UK.
  • In 2010, Nadia come to Bali and in 2012 created Bali Circus, a fusion of everything Nadia loves.

Bali Circus combines Nadia’s work as a teacher, dancer & circus performer with her artistic flair to create unique events for children and their families.