Class Etiquette

Class Etiquette

Bali Circus is committed to providing a safe workplace for employees, contractors, students & visitors. Bali Circus asks that you ensure the following responsibilities:


ON TIME – Students must be on time for class and children brought into the building by a parent or guardian. Please contact Bali Circus if your child will not be attending class. Students more than 10min late will NOT be allowed to participant in the class.


PICK UP POLICY – Students under 18 years old, must be picked up at the end of class on time by a parent/guardian. When students leave the building they are out of Bali Circus care, no student should wait or be asked to wait outside the building to be collected.


CONTACT INFO – Parents are responsible for providing up to date contact details.


CHILD SAFETY – Bali Circus is not a licensed child mind facility we are unable to “mind” other children not attending or enrolled in class.


FIRST AID – Bali Circus has a first aid kit on site. In the event of a medical emergency, a student’s parent/guardian will be contacted immediately.


MEDICAL CONDITIONS – Please inform Bali Circus if you have a medical or other conditions that you feel are important for Bali Circus instructors and that we should be aware of.


PARENTS – are reminded that they should not communicate with their child whilst in class and allow instructors to do what is required of them for ensure a good class for all students.


VIDEO & PHOTOGRAPHY – Video is NOT PERMITTED in any class on any device. Photography of your child only is permitted at specific moment to ensure full focus of all students and to align for child protection right. You can discuss this with instructor at the start of the class.


MOBILE PHONES – NO texting, posting, calling or answering of phones during class time. All phones must be on silent.