Camp FAQ


Can I watch and stay with my child during the camp?

Circus Holiday Camps is for children only! ;o)

Parents/guardians are not permitted to remain inside while classes are being held. To ensure the safety, security, comfort, and ease of all students and instructors, we request that the parents/guardians pick up their child at the end of camp at 4 pm.

On the first day of camp, and generally for young children, it is possible for parents/guardians to stay for a moment if that help your child to feel more comfortable as he/she get to know his new friends and instructors.

Filming is not allowed with a camera, mobile phone, video camera, laptop, or recording device as this could result in an infringement of child protection.

Please refer to our child protection policy for full details.

My child is not sure if he/she want to join, can I pop by and have a look?

It is possible to come and have a look at a specific time.

Please send us an email:

As an alternative your child could come for a Drop in day.

I want my child to learn a specific skill while they are attending the camp, is this a possibility?

In the camp, everyone will learn several circus skills.

All the children will follow the same curriculum which is designed for our Friday show.

Everyday is different and fun filled with creativity, physical activity, and playfulness.

For specific classes, we invite you to see our calendar and join us for after school classes or Saturday clubs.

When do I drop off and pick up my child?

Every morning, we are open at 9:45am.

Please arrive 20 minutes prior start of the day on the first day only as you will need to filled our disclaimer and proceed for payment.

Arriving early will allow for classes to start and finish on time. Camp ends at 4pm each day, please come on time to pick up your child.

In accordance to our child policy in regards to child safety, Bali Circus is not a licensed child mind facility we are unable to “mind” your child/children once camp has finished. Bali Circus team have other commitments and parents who arrive late interfere with these plans.

If your child remains at ProEducation School after 4:15 pm, you will incur a fee of 100 000 Rp. If you are late more than 1 hour, we will be charge 150 000 Rp per hour. This fee must be paid on the day as you picking up your child.

If you drop your child too early, you will incur same fees.

In case of emergency or if there are problems to arrive on time, please CALL: 08113992277 to inform the Bali Circus office and ensure the comfort of your child. 

All children will wait inside to be picked up by parents or designated guardian.

What should my child wear?

Gym wear or dance wear is recommended. For example, a pair of leggings for girls and a track suit bottom for boys are ideal.

All jewelry and watches are to be removed.

Long hair must be tied up for acrobatics, so plan hair bands or clips.

Can my child bring games or toys to camp?

It is best to keep any personal toys or games at home so they will not be damaged, lost, or stolen. Bali Circus has lovely books, games, and puzzles for children to use during downtime.

Bali Circus is not responsible for any loss, damages, or theft of any personal items.

Can my child bring snacks or lunch from home?

Our camp package includes snacks and lunch.

If any child has a special diet you are welcome to bring their food from home.

We will store their lunch. Simply let us know when you arrive.

What is the first thing Bali Circus team will do if my child is injured or does not feel well?

If any health issue or injuries arise while your child is attending the camp, Bali Circus team will contact parents or guardians straight away as per the contact information given on the disclaimer filled in on arrival.

It is important to provide all phone numbers requested so we can take direct action. We usually does not ask you to fill this details every camps if you have come before. Although if you are returning to holidays camp and have changed your phone number, please , let us know so we can update your disclaimer.