I’ve never done aerials fitness classes before, do you cater to beginners?

Yes, all beginners’ classes are taught in progressions and are “work at your own pace”. All bodies and fitness levels are different and all classes are fun to participate in and offer you a great overall body workout.


Can I watch my child during class?

Parents and friends can watch the class from the windows as long as they stay quiet.

To ensure the safety, security, comfort and ease of our students and instructors, we request that any student not participating to the class or/and parents to wait outside of the class. No parent is to enter classes as it can be a distraction for your child, other students in the class and the instructor.

All mobile phones are to be switched off prior to commencement of our aerial classes.

Filming is not allowed with a camera, mobile phone, video camera, laptop or recording device as this could result to be an infringement of child protection.

See child protection section for more detail.


When do I arrive for class?

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time so you have time to register.

For safety reasons, no student will be allowed into class 10 minutes after the class has commenced. Arriving early will also allow for class to start and finish on time.


What do I need to wear?

Gym wear or dance wear is recommended for example a pair of legging for female and track suit bottom for male are ideal.

All jewellery is to be removed.

Hair is to be tied back so it will not interfere with the exercises.


Can I skip the warm up or the cool down?

Aerial acrobatics can be considered to be an intense work out for most people. Even if you think or know your self as fit, warm up and cool down are compulsory for everyone.

Warm ups will be done as a group for approximately twenty-five minutes.

Students will follow along with exercises provided by the instructors.

While it is encouraged for students to push themselves, each body is different and you need to recognize your own limitations by setting your own pace as needed.

The cool down exercises occur during the last ten minutes of the class.


Why is it important to warm up?

Doing warm up exercises before your workout is important in many ways. A good warm up will gradually increase your heart rate, increase circulation to your muscles, tendons and ligaments, and mentally prepare you for your workout.


Why is it important to cool down?

A cool-down provides the body with a smooth transition from exercise back to a steady state of rest.

The overarching goal of a cool-down is to reduce heart and breathing rates, gradually cool body temperature, return muscles to their optimal length-tension relationships, prevent venous pooling of blood in the lower extremities, which may cause dizziness or possible fainting, and restore physiologic systems close to baseline.

The proposed benefits of a cool-down are shown below:

  • Reduce heart and breathing rates
  • Gradually cool body temperature
  • Return muscles to their optimal length-tension relationships
  • Prevent venous pooling of blood in the lower extremities
  • Restore physiologic systems close to baseline

-‘National Academy of Sports Medicine’