Enjoy the best kids birthday party in Bali

Kids Birthday Party in Bali

.Bali Circus Ring Master

Fun, colorful and engaging for everyone, even the parents cannot resist to join in the fun!

All of the activities are adaptable to all level and ages.
We learn how to juggle, balance thing on our nose, swing things around and play dressing up games.
Learning new skills and developing our talents at our kids birthday party in Bali.

Bespoke Birthday Party

We also offer bespoke kids birthday parties in Bali to your theme.
Frankenstein, Pirates, Robin Hood to name just a few.

Add in our dressing up box and let the show begin with our big selection of fun and colorful costumes and props.
Bali Circus Girl Club Juggler

Circus skills

They will learn how to juggle, balance plates, hula hoop,throw a diabolo, spin poi and


The kids will get a chance to put on a show to showcase their newly acquired circus skills.

Catering & Cake

So if you have a idea in mind, share it with us and we will see how we can make it happen together. For more information please contact us anytime.


With every party we can help you design and will print for you free Birthday invitations. Just choose your theme.


To book your part please fill in our inquiry form.