Our Mission & Beyond

A few insights into the aims and objectives of the Bali Circus team.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to bring together children of the world and enhance happiness, confidence and well being, through fun, creative and active art programs.

We believe that it is our responsibility as adults and educators to ensure we do all we can to empower children to realize their full potential through creative learning, inspiring future generations to be creative leaders.

Our values are integrity, responsibility, creativity, cooperation, fun, accomplishment and harmony which energize our actions and give us our direction in the world.

Bali Circus is a multi-cultural creative hub

Bali Circus works with local and international schools, orphanages, hospitals, special needs children and adults, families on holiday and school exchanges from across the globe.

With it’s unique mix of circus and performance art, Bali Circus is a creative hub for artists, performers and teachers to come together and share their skills, enthusiasm, experiences and expertise to children of all ages!

Circus art as well as dance, music, painting and many more visual art forms have the capacity to communicate beyond what is possible through language. Children from across the world can meet, share, challenge, create and laugh together and develop wonderful shows alongside the Bali Circus experts.


Why Bali?

Bali, renowned for its diverse art forms and amazing landscape make it the perfect canvas for creativity to flourish.

Developing children’s full potential: Why the arts are important

Dr Neryl Jeanneret, Faculty of Education, Univeristy of Newcastle